Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Just gotta say it ...

I really dislike being sick.

Granted, I'm used to getting colds, but what I had this past week was just terrible. Wednesday I didn't feel so great, Thursday was worse. I took some Tylenol and hoped I'd feel better. Nope. Thank God Brian was home to be able to take care of me. I was so sick. I felt like I was freezing, so I was wearing sweats & socks, under the sheets, comforter, & another thick blanket folded in half. Brian laid on top of me to give me a hug and he could feel me shivering .... mind you I had a temperature of 104! That was the highest it got (and that was with Tylenol) and then I ran out of medicine. I went to the doctor's office on Friday for a walk in and finally got seen. After taking my vitals, the nurse said that the doctor would be in to see me in a few minutes so I texted Brian and I guess my symptoms caught the doctor's attention because all of a sudden he was in the room. I was expecting more like 10 - 15 minutes as opposed to 1. He checked my ears (no major comment other than that I was really hot, as if the 102.7 temp hadn't given that away), throat (said it didn't look so good), lungs (couldn't believe I could hardly take a breath - my chest was really tight). He diagnosed me with a not-so-mild case of Upper Respiritory Infection (URI). He prescribed me some antibiotics, cough suppressant & expectorant, & sudafed. He left so I texted Brian about it and then the doctor came back with 1000mg Tylenol and a cup of really cold water. It helped a lot and I was feeling a little better by evening time, but my fever didn't really break until yesterday. I was going to go to church, but I didn't really want to risk getting other sick, plus the medicine I was taking (the cough suppressant) has codine in it, and I didn't really want to be falling asleep in the service! ;-)

While I still have a cough and slightly runny nose left, the majority of the symptoms are gone, thank God! Now to get rid of the rest and I'll be myself again!

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HsKubes said...

Aw, so sorry you felt so awful this week. Glad you are feeling better, though! Hope you've been able to rest.

~ Christina