Thursday, February 21, 2008

What have I gotten myself into?

Last week, Karah auditioned for a part in her school's talent show. She did well, just needs to memorize the words. She's singing a patriotic song, so they said that more than likely she'll be the first one (or one of the first few) to sing after the opening ceremonies. She needs something to wear, obviously, so I went online to do some searching. I found this pattern that I thought would do really well. I was consulting with my sister back and forth and we liked this one the best. Then we had to decide colors. Red, white, and blue were the obvious choices, but trying to figure out what color to go where was the hard part.

Brian had Tuesday off and the kids had school, so we went in search of the fabric store. (I didn't know there was even here until I went to Walmart and they didn't carry Butterick anything!) We found the pattern, and chose the materials we needed (satin, lining, and ruffle). Based on the picture above, we are making the pink dress with the short sleeve jacket. The dress will be royal blue with white straps, and the jacket will be red. Think it'll be patriotic enough? I figured I'd go ahead with the ruffle, might as well make it nice. However, my sewing has been pretty basic since I've been out of high school. I don't have a clue how to install a zipper, nor have I ever done anything this advanced before. Yikes! If you could please pray for me so I don't mess it up. When we got the materials, I was a little worried about the price, since you know the nicer the material = the higher the price. Praise God, they were having a sale on all prom fabrics - 30% off! So all the satin and the linings were 30% off, and the netting (for the ruffle) was marked down from 99¢/yd to 79¢/yd. The pattern was marked down 40%, so all in all, I was able to get the materials for Karah's dress for under $50. Whew! Now the hard part ... making it :-s

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HsKubes said...

How's the dress coming along?
We missed y'all on Sunday.
The conference this week has been a real blessing. The Lord is really using the visiting pastor.
Hope y'all are well.
Praying for you.

~ Christina