Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Where did the time go?

Okay, so I realize it's been almost 2 weeks since I last posted. Two weeks! My, how time does fly! Well, I think it will show up best in pictures what we've been up to. Things have been pretty busy lately, keeping all of us on our toes.

2-5-08 ~ Karah & Vincent with their Mardi Gras stuff from their grandparents. They enjoyed wearing it, even if they have no idea what Mardi Gras really is. I'm not an expert on it, either, but I married into a family that is - at least more so than me! :-)
2-7-08 ~ Here we are on that long day. Karah got her blood pressure checked and the nurse was kind enough to bring some crayons for her to color with on the paper. She was nice enough to share with Vincent.

2-7/8-08 ~ Here are the hats they made for the 100th day of school, and them wearing it the next day.

They each designed their own and picked out their own buttons, enough to total 100, after counting the letters.

2-9-08 ~ We went to a local flea market on Saturday. We went in with $60 and came out with $15. I think we did rather well. Out of Vincent's 7 items, he only paid for 4. Everything else was "Can I have this?" - the question being directed at the seller. :-) That's how he got the truck, shell, and little transforming items. The other things only totaled up to $7, so he averaged $1 / item. Not too bad!
Karah found lots of stuff that she liked. The wooden window/shelf is now hanging in her room with the little bobble-head kitty on it. The picture frame (in front of the shelf) actually has a girl scout stamp in it, so she keeps it on her desk. She was pretty excited about that one. The fan and silver basket she is also using for decoration in her room. She likes decorations ... hmmm, I wonder if that is the start of a career choice? :-) The cheerleading outfit and veil were bought for dressing up. I actually had a hard time deciding which picture to post on here, since she was just so pretty in all the ones with the veil. (They were taken separate because we'd forgotten about it until after she had put her other things away!) She really enjoyed her finds!
Me, I spent the most, BUT I don't think $25 for a flute is that bad. It's a Gemeinhardt which is the same brand as I already have. All it needs is a little silver polish, it works just fine. I was sooo happy, since I know the kids are interested in learning to play, so now we have more than one! I got this doll because it reminded me of Scarlett from "Gone With the Wind" (my most favorite movie of all time!). I found out when I got home that it was supposed to - it was a limited edition "Scarlett" doll, and I only paid $2 or $3 for it. :-D I also got the pretty little teacup (no saucer) because it was pretty and only a quarter. I'im sure I can find somewhere to put it so it looks nice! All in all, I think we did rather well!
2-11-08 ~ It was a Monday, can you tell? Church nights we end up staying up later than usual, and Vincent is one that really needs his sleep. This was taken after he got home from school and had been throwing a fit about doing his homework (writing a couple of sentences). He fell asleep during his pouting and I just couldn't resist taking a picture. He wasn't happy when we took the picture and complained, but then he went back to sleep. LOL! After his impromptu nap, he finished his homework pretty easily. Re-instate Nap Time!!! :-D
2-13-08 ~ Ahhhh, the night before Valentine's Day. I used premade, pre-flattened cookie dough with an icing recipe I found online. They had fun decorating the cookies for their classes. Karah stopped after her first batch because she was tired (church night, we got home late), so I finished the rest of hers. Vincent was a trooper though, and wanted to do all of his himself. So I let him. They had a blast, and the cookies tasted really good.
2-14-08 ~ Happy Valentine's Day! Here are the kids with their teacher's gifts. Karah got her teacher some pampering goodies, chocolate, and a candle rose. Vincent got his a little glass turtle (from the flea market), a turtle keyring, chocolate, and a candle rose. (His class is part of the Turtle team at school, hence all the turtle stuff). Why I didn't get pictures of their school Valentine's I don't know, but they really enjoyed them! I was solo this Valentine's Day, so my neighbor brought me some chocolate covered strawberries & cherries that she had made to help the evening pass easier. It was really sweet of her. Brian told me today that he would NOT be coming home this Saturday as was originally planned, but on Monday instead. So much for the weekend plans!
2-17-08 ~ We had an absolutely wonderful morning service. We had the men's quartet from Amassador Baptist College (5 men in all) and in Sunday School, they played music while in the morning service they sang and one of them preached. In the evening service, Bro. McIntire preached as the Pastor was home with his father. His dad had stage 4 colon cancer and other medical problems as well, but did not appear to be in any pain. Pastor felt that he didn't have much longer to be with us in this world, so he stayed home with him. (The Pastor's wife called me the next day to say that he had passed away that night, and is now with the Lord. Please pray that they would be comforted by the knowledge that he is now in a better place and in no pain.)
2-18-08 ~ HE'S BACK!!!!! :-D We were so happy to finally have Brian back home with us. It seemed to take forever, and the thing that sucks is knowing the next time he leaves, it will be for 7 - 8 months! :-( We will enjoy the time we have with him for now and will make many good memories that we can hold on to until he returns.
After dinner, Brian played Guitar Hero III for a little bit before we watched a movie. Here, Brian was checking the alignment (although I don't know why ... it's plastic!) and Vincent got down and pretend to "evade the enemy's sights". He was having fun playing with Brian :-)
Seems like now that daddy is home, the silliness is back! And I am not complaining at all. It's good to see the little ones happy and smiling!
Brian playing Guitar Hero III and getting a multiplier (causing the blue flames along the edge of the tv guitar). Brian had wanted Guitar Hero for a while, but it costs money so we didn't buy it ... until we went to the warehouse yard sale. At the same time we got the kids new bedroom furniture, this was there (guitar w/game) for only $10. So we got it and he has enjoyed playing it. I must say, it is a bit easier to play than a real guitar (well, it doesn't hurt your fingers so much, anyhow!)
Sorry for the reallllly long post, but now I'm caught up so it shouldn't be so bad in the future. :-)

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