Saturday, February 2, 2008

Excuse me ... does anyone know where I can find some "Taffy Glue"?

That's right. Taffy glue. Welcome to my world.

I had picked the kids up early (5 minutes) from school so we could run some errands out in town. After getting some gas for the truck, books from Books-A-Million, a couple small things at Michael's, and some dinner at McDonald's we were finally at Walmart. I had to find a hat that could be ruined, in a manner of speaking.

The 100th day of school is on February 7th, and Vincent's teacher wants the kids to come in that day with a hat that has 100 items on it. Naturally, I didn't want to put stuff on a perfectly good hat that is used regularly, but I was able to find a ball cap on clearance for $1. Yea! Naturally, Karah wanted to do one too, and she was in luck. There was one more hat that was exactly the same as Vincent's. We went over different things trying to decide what to put on there. It's got to have 100 after all, so it can't be too big. We got a thing of 200 buttons (88¢) and a couple of foam puzzle letter pieces (pkg of entire alphabet and numbers for 88¢) and some Tacky Glue to attach the items with.

So we were going down an aisle, looking for shirts to match the kids' for family pictures, and they were talking about their hats and Vincent asked if we were going to sew the stuff one the hats. Karah in all her infinite wisdom declares that "No, we're going to use 'Taffy Glue'". Yup, she said it. After I finished laughing, I corrected her and showed her the bottle. Tacky glue, not "Taffy" glue. She's so funny sometimes. I needed a good laugh though, because Vincent was really being a bit of a pain this evening. Listening and obeying was not on his list of things to do, and then he wondered why he was getting into trouble and losing priveleges. One of these days he'll learn ... I hope!

Here's a few pictures from our evening.

Karah & Vincent enjoying a sample of Frozen hot chocolate at Books-A-Million while mommy enjoys a Mocha frappe - yum!

Enjoying a treat - McDonald's for dinner (I love dollar menus)

Here is the playplace. I took some pictures of them in it, but none of them turned out. :-(

After changing into PJ's, Karah decided to do a little coloring.

Vincent, on the other hand, decided to lay down on the couch and go to sleep. Odd how he's not really that heavy until you try to move him sleeping ... gotta love "dead" weight!

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HsKubes said...

Quite a busy day! How cute about the taffy glue. Though, perhaps, in many instances, taffy could be used as a type of glue substance. lol
I enjoyed hearing from you this week via blog. I was delighted to see that you were a blogger, too. ;o)
Hope you enjoy your day today.
And, yes, we will all see you Sunday, Lord willing. ;o)

~ Christina