Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Moments to remember

Well, I really hadn't planned on doing so many posts in one day ... guess that's what I get for not getting on here more often in the past few weeks.

Things have been going alright. I'm not sick anymore (but I am trying to keep another cold from coming on), and we are enjoying the short amount of time we have left with Brian before he leaves. Last week Brian's parents were here and we enjoyed a good visit with them.

Please enjoy the pictures and I will get on here more often so I don't have so many posts on one blog in one day. (Was that a run-on?) :-)

Moments over the past few weeks (that didn't get their "own" blog)

Karah enjoying "Thinking Day" with her troop. Each troop has a country that they research and then they all get together and look at all the countries. The countries they research have their own version of Girl Scouts, and that is what they learn about - what the girls in that country do. (Feb 24th)

We had rain one afternoon (February 26th) and the kids were enjoying it. They really liked splashing / running through the puddle on the sidewalk.

All three, wet and happy!

Part of enjoying some fun times with daddy, we roasted marshmallows to make smores after an earlier barbeque. (March 1st)

Well, it was taking too long for some people (Brian) so he decided to speed things up a bit. Don't try this at home! - oh wait, we were home

Nice fire going now so let's see how many marshmallows we can catch on fire!

Valentine wasn't missing out on the fun, he was enjoying munching on what was left on the grill!

The kids after opening up their Valentine's Day stuff from us (yes, a little late). Since Brian wasn't here to do it on Valentine's day, we did it this day (March 2nd). They liked their stuff

This little thief took my bear when he went to wake up daddy on his birthday (March 5th). Brian got me the bear when he went to staff academy so I would have something to sleep with. He even sprayed it with his body spray so it would smell like him. It's not a very small bear, as you can see, Vincent is doing a good fireman's carry with it!

Also on Brian's birthday we went to Texas Roadhouse. This first picture was after the kids heard the volume of the song go up, and they just started looking ... guess they knew what was going to happen. In case you don't know, when the volume goes up, the workers get together and line dance.

The kids also had big mouths and told the waitress that "it's daddy's birthday today!". It was pretty uneventful until the plates were cleared away, then a few of them came over and sang their birthday wish to Brian. He was so embarrassed, but the ice cream was good ;-)

When his parents got here on the 8th, we went to the commissary and got a birthday cake for Brian. We had saved the celebration for when his parents and Brian Lee would be here.

We know he loves Transformers, so we got him Monopoly and Chess, both Transformers edition. I think he liked them (they have yet to be officially opened!)

Brian's favorite band is Aerosmith, so his parents got him a 3 disc collection

Here he is showing Karah the "empty" bag. It wasn't really empty - it had another present from his parents. (He didn't wait for the picture on that one)

This picture is a pretty good one. Yes, it shows all three children together AND smiling at the same time, but take a good look at what they're wearing. I knew what Karah and Vincent were wearing earlier, but it didn't occur to me that they matched (must've been the short / long sleeve thing plus Vincent's layered shirt). We had just picked up Brian Lee earlier that afternoon (March 12th) and had no idea what he'd be wearing. They were sitting on the couch waiting to watch one of the "new" movies that Grandma & Grandpa had brought with them (a lot of Disney on VHS) when I noticed they were all pretty much wearing the same thing. I just couldn't resist getting a picture of it. (Do you have any idea how hard it is to match them when you're trying to?) Nevertheless, it turned out to be a really good picture. Definitely a moment to remember.

These pictures were taken after the Pinewood Derby. (March 15th) We had to run some errands and ended up having lunch at Arby's. Just look at what you can do with the fries!

One of the things we got when we were out were lightsabers for the kids. The boys had some but they were pretty much done for. Karah had never had one, so she was all excited. It's really nice when they can all play together - nicely!

Later that evening, there was a flashlight Easter egg hunt that we went to. Here they are before the hunt.

Here they are on the hunt for eggs. The boys stayed together and are circled in blue, but Karah listened to daddy and is circled in pink. Brian had told the kids that when it was time to go, head straight for the back part of the field since most would start from the front. When it was time to go, she went and didn't even look back. As you can see, it doesn't look quite dark enough for flashlights and the flood lights are on. It started on accident. The helpers were lining some kids along the fence and some kids were running and so other kids started running and before you knew it, everyone was running! Oops!
*Note: You can click on the picture to make it bigger for easier viewing.
As you can see, they had a good time and got a lot of eggs in their buckets.

And the contents of those three buckets of eggs fit into this pretty big bowl ... all candy!

(March 16th) Church day, can you tell? This was after the evening service. If he falls asleep, he will usually wake up at the end or right after. Not tonight, he was gone. He didn't wake up for a little while after, and even then didn't seem awake until we went in to take Brian his dinner (he was on duty). At which point he ran in and plopped himself down on the (very dirty) floor and watched TV. Although I must say he is much more manageable when asleep! :-)

(March 18th) Vincent had a bit of a clumsy moment. No biggie, happens to us all from time to time. This time it resulted in his half full cup of milk being spilled all over the table and floor. The cat really enjoyed it! Notice the puddle on the table (circled in red)? When Valentine was licking the milk in the first picture, the puddle was dripping on his head, resulting in the second picture once he moved. I tried to get a close up, but he ended up shaking it on me! lol :-)

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