Saturday, March 29, 2008

The past few days

As we've been trying to enjoy these last few days with Brian, life has been going on as usual. Here's a few of the things we've been doing.

Here are the kids on the way home after church on Wednesday. It was a late night, can you tell?

Vincent receiving his marbles beltloop at his pack meeting on Thursday. They were having something special for the Webelos aftwerwards, hence the Indian chief?

After boy scouts, we had dinner at Fuddrucker's. Here the kids are raising their hands, agreeing to clean their rooms if I let them stay home from school the next day. And they really did cean their rooms!

Friday's snack they had fruit roll ups that had designs for the tongue. Here they are showing them off.

Today, Karah's girl scout troop went to the ceramic hobby shop to work on a try-it. She painted a welcome sign that will be really pretty one ist's been glazed and fired.

Here are the kids making cards for daddy to take with him when he leaves. They had fun designing them.

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