Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Things that go bump in the night ... er, evening

I did have a different title until something happened to make me change it. Here's what I had before that event.

Today at Girl Scouts, they had a mid-year awards ceremony. Karah earned five try-its (they did more but she already had them), got a patch for caroling and Operation Cookie Drop, a certificate for perfect attendance, and a certificate for being the 3rd top cookie seller in her troop. The girls also all got a rose, and the little yellow box was for the parents (chocolate!). Afterwards we were able to eat the goodies the parents brought.

Now on to that title. I was on here attempting to write on my blog and Brian was channel surfing. The kids were in bed. All of a sudden, we heard a strange noise, almost like something popped and/or fell down. Well, I jumped, grabbed his arm, and held on for dear life! We got up, and he peered in the kitchen, but left the lights off, then he went on the back porch and looked out. Nothin'. So I went and locked the patio door (which he later laughed at me for) and then locked the back door. I noticed the lid of the trash can was up and thought maybe the cat had reached up and hit the button. He's a big cat, after all. "Nope", Brian said "'cause it would've made a different noise."

Well shucks! Then he said it sounded almost like ice breaking / falling. So I open the freezer. Nothin' again. I open the fridge ... AHA! But what was it? At first it was hard to tell, because a couple of McDonald's cups had fallen over, but here it is ... the guilty party.

It was a can of Caffine Free Diet Pepsi, leftover from when Brian's parents were visiting. It had gotten moved to the back, and thanks to one of the children (probably Vincent - he has a track record) the temperature setting was on "coldest". As you can tell from the picture, the can exploded. Hence the popping sound and breaking / falling ice sound. Do you like how it just split the can in half?

Now I had planned on giving the house (fridge included) a good cleaning once Brian was gone. For one, I want to spend as much time with him as I can, and two, I'm going to need something to do to occupy my days! Guess fridge cleaning came a few days early.

So what is the moral of this story?

Send your parent's drinks with them when they leave? OR Tell your children to keep away from the temperature control? OR Keep canned drinks away from the back of the fridge?

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HsKubes said...

LOL! How funny! Our stuff freezes in the back of the fridge, too.
Hope y'all are enjoying your week together!

~ Christina