Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It started off as good, "clean" fun ...

... but as you'll see from the pictures below, it didn't stay that way.
It was a nice day out (March 13th), so I let the kids play with some water guns.
They had fun trying to get each other ... Brian Lee getting Vincent
Vincent chasing Karah
Karah going after Brian Lee
But then ... I caught them! I guess they got bored with the water guns because they got the hose and proceeded to fill a little trench (which was made by water running off the edge of the house when it rains) and make mud.
And not just mud ... a gigantic mud pie! Anybody want a piece of pie?
Let's all jump in the mud now (they kept refilling the trench when it was getting too dry)
Jumping just wasn't good enough ... everybody sit in the mud now (and yes, Brian Lee was wearing practically white shorts - before the mud)
The kids with their mud pie - and dirty hands!
They've all got a hand on it
All in all, they had a pretty fun time ... until it was time to go inside. Y'all know what that much dirt could do to a washer, so I thought I'd help with the cleaning process. I used the hose to spray them down and get as much mud off of them as I could. The boys weren't too bad. They ran because of the cold water but were pretty much okay. Karah, on the other hand, was very upset that I wouldn't let her go inside until she dried off a bit. I tried to get her to run in the sun and enjoy the breeze but she wouldn't have it. After a while I let her go inside to strip and wait for her turn in the shower.
Maybe they'll think (and ask) next time before they do - maybe!

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