Tuesday, September 30, 2008

But she's only 9!

Today, my little girl told me that she had seen a little blood when she was in the bathroom. She said it was teeny, so I told her to let me know if it was still there the next time she went. Yes, it was and there was more of it. It seems like only yesterday she was this teeny little thing, and now she's growing up so fast! I hadn't planned on trying to explain these kinds of things to her for a couple more years yet. I didn't expound too much on it, just barely skimmed. For those of you that have had the talk with your daughter, got any advice?

Karah on the phone with daddy yesterday morning, sitting in her new chair.
She bought it last week with her allowance at the thrift store on base for only $5!

Vincent took a self-portrait when playing with the camera.
He's always had blue eyes, but they seem especially blue in this picture (at least to me).


Hadias said...

I remember when my oldest daughter experienced her first menstruation. We had already been talking about it when she reach about 8 years old.

Good luck in having the talk with your daughter. This is such a speacil time for her. She is growing into a women even at the young age of 9 years old.

Anonymous said...

My daughter is only 3 and I am not looking forward to the day when she becomes a "young woman" because I know she will still be my little girl! I hope you find some wonderufl advice that we all could share! I found you from Heather's blog (Just Laugh) you have a lovely family.
god bless,
The Cherry Blossoms

Hadias said...

I really like that we can all play our games sytemes as a family and that is a big reason why I want to buy one for the kids this year.

We wanted the PS3 but had so many problems with SOny and their warranty that we will not buy any more sony products.

Our PS2 began giving us error mesagesthree months after purchase and would only play PS1 games and movies.

We sent it too them and they replaced it with a refurbished console. Which did the same thing after a month. They told us that they would not replace again. So we were only able to use it for a total of 4 months playing PS2 games. What a waste of money.

Anyhow, I will be shopping this Black Friday if there are any available deals to suit my fancy. Last years line up wasn't that great unless you were looking to buy high pirced electronics like plasma T.V.'s

BTW, feel free to make your comments as long as you choose. I don't mind.