Friday, October 10, 2008


That's the word the kids were debating over earlier today as they played TMNT on their Gamecube. Vincent said it was "Calibunga" while Karah argued that it was "Califunga". After getting a few laughs out of it and sharing it with Brian via Yahoo messenger, I informed them of the correct way to say the word.

This past week was spent working on schoolwork in the morning and housework in the afternoon. The day is fast approaching when Brian will return home and we are so excited! We want everything to be perfect for his return. Though I've found that there's a lot involved to achieve perfect - *sigh* Good thing he's worth it :-)

As for my previous post about Karah, I think it was just a fluke. She never had anything after that day, and I think she was imagining it. *WHEW!* Still ended up having some of the talk with her, so when it really happens it shouldn't be so much of a shock.

Here are a couple pictures from this past week.

Karah & Vincent at Books-A-Million looking at an "I Spy" book

Vincent on Sunday selling popcorn for cub scouts.

Karah helping out at the popcorn table

Oh, for those that were wondering how many skittles really did fit into the little water bottle ...

the total is - 895

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