Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How Many?

Yesterday I put this little goody together for my girl scout troop. It's a guess-the-number thing, and it will be one of the activities towards the Math Whiz badge. I decided to use a water bottle instead of just a jar, in hopes that it could actually get some use after the candy was enjoyed. Each badge has 10 activites, and they have to complete any 6 of the activities to earn the badge. This year, I decided to implement badge work in the start up activity. Since math whiz is a lot of activities, it will cover the start up activities for the next six meetings, and then I think we'll go to puzzles! :-)
So, how many skittles can you fit in the water bottle?

I'll give the answer in a later post! :=)


Charity Lister said...

Can I guess? I think there's 153. :) Have a great day!

Nancy M. said...

I came across your blog through "Ladies of Grace" . What a beautiful blog and your picture was a blessing as well. I enjoyed the visit today.
God bless you as you go about your week!-Mrs.M.