Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fun Run

Well, I didn't run, but I did walk a mile with the kids & Penny today. They had a Dog Day at the Park for a few hours this morning, starting with a fun run/walk. I thought it'd be good to get Penny out and around some other dogs. She did very well for being her first time. On the walk the kids took turns taking pictures (which I will post later because my laptop doesn't like to read the memory card) and overall had a good time. Vincent was sad that we didn't get any medal, as they had some for the top three finishers in the classes of women, men, & children 16 and under. I reminded him about who was being pokey because they were throwing a fit (it was him). After the walk they had some water bowls for the dogs to get a drink and there I found out that I have a picky pet. Penny sniffed at practically every bowl (about 2 dozen) and wouldn't take so much as a lick out of any of them.

After looking around for a bit longer we decided to go home. When we got to the truck I got out the travel water bowl I had brought with and put it down and she took a nice, long drink. Go figure! ~lol~ Anyways, we had a good time with her today. She did well on the ride and around the other dogs. AND - I didn't have to clean up any messes! :-D

I should mention that I have noticed that at places where animals can roam free (like Petsmart, or today's dog day at the park), the kids are more excited than being in the toy aisle at a store! They see a dog, and they just run up to pet it, especially Vincent. I tell them they need to ask first because it's not their pet, and some pets aren't so friendly. They do pretty well, but reminders kept coming out a lot today :-) They enjoyed seeing all the different kinds of dogs, and Karah informed me that she wants to save $100 so she can buy a little dog and all it's supplies. She wants her own to run with next time. We'll have to wait and see on that.

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