Saturday, April 12, 2008


This past week a couple special things happened with Vincent at school. On Thursday, there was the Author's Recognition - children write their own story, get it "published" in school where the PTA puts it together in a hard cover, then the children illustrate it themselves. He waited patiently for his turn as his was close to the end and after it was done read his book to me.

The paper sticking out of the book is a certificate with a coupon on the bottom. It is for a free meal at Golden Corral. I think it's great because Karah just got one last week for being the VIP in her class for the week. Since they're good until the end of the year, we will probably save them for when Brian gets back, since I know he's gonna want to go. :-)

Later that evening we built a model dinosaur. He had come home with the assignment on Monday, but we had been busy all week so we just got started on Thursday (the night before it was due!). His dinosaur was the Hypsilophodon. I had some modeling clay that one of the kids gave me as a stocking stuffer at Christmas, so I let him use it (not like I was using it or anything). The only thing I didn't realize - until after we had created the model - was that is was NON-hardening clay. So even though we used some toothpicks to put part of it together, it never hardened. The neck/head kept falling down. I tried baking it ... that didn't work. So I put it in the freezer for the night. It didn't harden, but the cold kept it from moving.

Here is the video of Vincent giving his report. He did the research at school and they had a desk set up like a reporter's desk. All the kids had a different dinosaur that they did their research & model on. I love the video, but it is kinda hard to hear - he wasn't speaking very loud. Yes, I know, very unusual for him :-)

After all the reports were done, the teacher handed out certificates and dinosaur wall stickers because she was so proud of them and how they did their research.

Vincent with his Research Award certificate.

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