Thursday, April 3, 2008

*cricket, cricket*

Well, that's not really what I hear, but it's close. The tv is off, the kids are in bed, and (most) all is quiet in the house. Usually about this time I'd be talking to my sister via messenger, but she had to work tonight so I am all by myself. Which does give me time to update my blog :-)

Not too much has been going on these past few days. On Tuesday, I picked the kids up from school early, since I was pretty sure they would've beaten me home otherwise. I had to run to the px to pay my cell phone bill and then to the commissary to grab the groceries we desperately needed. When we were walking to the px, we heard a chirping and finally found where it was coming from ... the "R" in this sign. Yes, it's a bit hard to see unless you make it bigger, but as I was zooming in with the camera the bird flew away! But the kids really enjoyed seeing it!
After we got home, we put away groceries and then ate real quick before heading to the bowling alley. My troop was meeting there, so Karah & Vincent came with me and were able to bowl as well. Although you may not be able to tell from this picture, Karah actually bowled almost a game and a half. She was (and still is) small enough to fit in this little cubby for coats. Guess I'd better enjoy it while I can before she hits another growth spurt and outgrows all her clothes again!
This picture is from yesterday. In between getting dinner prepared, I looked over and saw this. I just couldn't resist. Karah was being the big sister reading to her little brother. (I had to get a picture because you know it's hard to come by these types!) :-)
Today was a bum (ie lazy) day, which was good since Karah came home telling me she got sick at school. She fell asleep almost right away and took a nap. When she woke up I gave her some tylenol, and then started on dinner of chicken nuggets, baked beans, & chicken noodle soup (for Karah). She's feeling better now, and while we ate dinner we watched "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe". I love that movie! A day or two before Brian left, I saw a trailer for the next one coming out - in May! :-D I think that will be a late birthday present for me, early present for the kids. Might as well do them all at once!
Well, I suppose I should try to get some sleep at a decent hour for once (since Saturday night) ... at least enough so that I can hear the phone if it rings. :-)

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Mel's Mom said...

This is my first visit here. I just wanted to let you know I will be praying for you and your dear family as your beloved is away.