Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Stay tuned for scenes from next week's episode

It was great to hear those words tonight at the end of NCIS. NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) is a show on CBS that Brian & I first saw when we were in 29 Palms, but never really watched regularly. When we got here, we watched an episode and it almost seemed like the first time we had seen it, but we got hooked. Don't know if it was the mystery aspect, the character interaction, or the military association, but we loved it! From then on, it's something we have watched together. And while we like watching the CSIs, NUMB3RS, Criminal Minds, etc, those days are filled with other activities. But NCIS days have become "our thing". Usually bed time is 8pm for the kids, so after tucking them into bed, we'd settle down on the couch to watch it. We have since bought the seasons as they came out, and it became our lunch thing. He'd come home and we'd watch an episode during lunch, working our way throug the series. Because of the writer's strike, there hasn't been a new episode in quite a while, and tonight was the first new one since the strike. At the end of the show, we know if there will be a new one the following week or not based on if they say to stay tuned or not. So, it was very exciting to hear it said tonight ... that'll be two new episodes in a row! :-D The only thing missing is him. Guess that means we'll have to buy season 5 when it comes out so we can watch it together when he gets home!

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joy said...

NCIS is absolutely one of the best shows ever. From the stories to the actors portraying the characters you could not ask for better.Marvelous show with fine scripting and great storyline.