Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's all about nature

The other day I had to take the trash out to the curb (the kids usually do it but had forgotten that morning) which wasn't a really big deal until I was on the way back in the house. There was dew on the ground which was no big deal, but then I actually looked down. I saw a little spider web ... but not just one. They were all over the yard - and I was in flip flops! :-s I was not very keen about that, but I carefully watched my step and grabbed the camera. The webs were small, about as big around as my fist so here's a close up of one of them. See the dew drops still on it?

Today as I was outside, I saw a couple of wasps flying around and then I looked up. And I see this ... a wasp trying to build a nest on my porch light.
After shooing the kids inside, I took a can of roach raid (it was either that or flea raid) and got as close as I dared and sprayed really quick. It flew away and didn't show signs of coming back, so I got closer to spray better. Then I took this picture of its wannabe home.

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