Friday, April 4, 2008

The simple things in life

Today I actually went out of the house - by myself - for a little while. I went to Books-A-Million to look around and talked to some of my former co-workers. It was a good visit and a nice break away from the house. Later, I let the kids each choose a packet of Kool-Aid to make ... they had fun!

Vincent made invisible Watermelon-Kiwi

Karah decided on Lemon-Lime

The rest of the evening is being spent watching a movie (or two) together. While I was checking my email, I got an email from my uncle with a great link in it. The video says a lot to me ... what does it say to you?

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Pamela said...

That was good, you can email me and I will get in touch when I know when we will be close to you. So where exactly are you? my email is