Monday, January 28, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes

Children can say the cutest things sometimes. It happened this evening. On the way there ...

The day was pretty uneventful until the kids came home from school. Then Vincent started throwing a fit, so we went into his room and had a nice, long talk. He got into a better mood and went to do his homework. Karah was done by then so I checked her homework and then sent her to do some chores. She took care of the cat's food & litterbox, put her bedcovers in the wash (with mom's help), and made her lunch for tomorrow by the time Vincent finished his homework. Then I had Vincent make his lunch while I gave Karah a piano lesson. Vincent was next. Once that was done it was time to get started on dinner. I started the oven and put water on to boil while Vincent got out the game "Sorry!" for us to play. We got a little immersed in it, but we were having fun. Brian called a few times - he was able to use his phone since he had to run out in town and get some parts - and then I got a phone call from a friend's husband, because they were lost on base. :-) They were trying to find the boy scout hut, and if you don't know where they are, it's easy to miss them, especially in the dark. That's when I realized we had boy scouts tonight. Uh-oh! Vincent, time to change into your uniform real quick while mommy changes. We made it out in record time and got there, but I was a little late. oops. The time had been 6:30pm since it started, but it was changed and I wasn't there for the change (and it was in an email, but I forgot to write it down). Granted the meetings usually run for an hour, but it was sooo cold in there, that they just did a couple of things and left. Well, guess we'll make it on time next time! We came home and I fixed dinner while Karah took a shower and Vincent put the game away. After eating diner, Vincent took his shower and I helped Karah make her bed with her now clean sheets. After it was all done we settled in on the couch to read a storybook, The Princess and the Kiss. We took turns reading, even Vincent. It has a Bible verse in it which is a different translation than we use, so I told them to get their Bibles so we could look it up. Vincent read the verse and then afterwards we read Proverbs 28. This is where it starts to get good.

It's already over an hour past bedtime. They're pretty tired. After we finish reading our chapter, we kneel on the floor and take turns praying. I started, then Vincent decided to go. It was so cute when he said "Lord, please take care of my dad and don't let him die. He's a great man." He also went into "and help me not to throw fits". AMEN! (from me)

Karah also prayed for Brian that he wouldn't die and that he was a great daddy. She also prayed that he would be able to contact us more, 'cause we missed him. I finished up the praying and then got them some water while they put their Bibles away. While they're drinking their water, lo and behold the phone rings and it is Brian. Talk about an answer to prayer! (at least I hope it seemed that way to Karah, which it appeared to do). They both lit up when they realized it was daddy on the phone. Vincent had just mentioned before we started reading that he missed his daddy. What a great good-night treat!

And a treat for me when I'm on here writing this and Brian shows up on im. :-D Yea! What a wonderful day it has been!

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Heather said...

((((REBEKAH))))???!!! I had NO idea that was YOU!!! HOW ARE you GIRL???:) Wow....that just totally made my day:) Brianna asks about Karah all the time!!!