Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A good day

Yes, today was a good day. Vincent didn't really throw a fit, just a couple small ones. He's definitely improving. He got a little upset with me when I wouldn't let him take his DS with him to Carson's house. (Like he would have shared ... and if so, it wouldn't have been for very long.) Thought I'd give Joey a break since he was watching the boys while us girls went to Girl Scouts.

Karah had a tea party at girl scouts today. They were working on their manners try-it. They also practiced their phone etiquette. She had a blast, and had her candy bracelet gone before it was half done!

After picking up Vincent we headed home to get some food. Vincent hopped in the shower while I fixed dinner and Karah finished her homework. After he was done we ate, and then Karah took a shower while Vincent and I made his bed. He can be a good little helper when he wants to be. Once Karah was in her pj's, we sat on the couch to read The Trellis and the Seed. What a good book. We then read Proverbs 29 and knelt down to pray. It was late, so we had to hurry so Vincent wouldn't fall asleep, 'cause he was trying. We said our prayers, and then they went to brush their teeth. Well, wouldn't you know it, Brian called so he was able to say goodnight to them after talking to them for a moment. Karah had daddy do the "wiggly thing" (In person, he places one hand on either side of her on the mattress, then presses up and down really fast, making her jiggle like a jello jiggler. She loves it!) Obviously he couldn't really do it, so he made the sound that she usually makes when he does it to her, and she started giggling. So cute!

After tucking them in for the night, I finished talking to him on the phone, telling him about my day. I didn't really do a whole lot that would seem productive (a load of towels and Vincent's bed covers washed & dried. Oh, and the outside Christmas decorations taken down - finally!), but I did updated my blog. By update, I mean made it pretty and added some doodads. I'm sure there will be more, but I like what I have right now. We hung up, but shortly thereafter we were able to "talk" for a few more minutes online. Gotta love the internet. I was also chatting with my sister and helped her make her blog pretty. The joys of being the big sister! :-)

All in all, I say this was a very good day!

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Heather said...

Awwww, sounds like you all are doing great :)