Saturday, January 26, 2008

My First Saturday ...

without having to work. Just a week ago I was at work, cleaning and getting ready to close the store. I think Brian was even trying to stay up for me (and he did if I remember correctly). Then comes today. Yes, I was up a little late last night, but not too bad. I slept in a little this morning, then got up around 1030. After having a bowl of cereal, I joined the kids on the couch where we changed the game they were playing on the Gamecube to Mario Party 7. We set it for 15 turns and commenced to play. Things went pretty well until the end. It's set up so there are 4 teams playing - since there was only 3 of us we had to have the computer playing the 4th one. We also have it to where bonus stars are awarded (randomly) at the end. During the game, Vincent managed to get 3 stars, the computer 1, me 1, and Karah none (she had one but during a game lost it to Vincent). He also had 60+ coins, comp had 12 coins, I had 5 coins, and Karah had 50+ coins. His last turn landed him on a Koopa Kid space where he ended up getting his coins switched with mine. At the end we had the bonus stars awarded. Karah ended up getting 1, I ended up getting 1, and the computer ended up getting 2 (he tied me for one). Because of the bonus stars and the coin switch, the computer ended up getting first place, since he had more coins than Vincent. Poor thing, he started crying because he didn't win, and Karah and I were quick to point out that he was the winner in our book; that the bonus stars was the only reason he won. He calmed down a bit after that.

Since the game was done, we got dressed then made lunch. While I was making lunch they helped to load the dishwasher and clear off the table. We ate lunch - finally - and then after it was done got ready to go. We went out through the garage (which is something we don't normally do) and left ... leaving the garage door up. I didn't realize this until I was already down a few roads so I turned around. Granted it was raining and I didn't think too many people would be about to want to try to take a bike or scooter or anything else in there, but why leave it open for temptation? (plus, the door to the house was unlocked!) After finally getting the door closed, we went to the movie theater. We went to go see "Alvin and the Chipmunks". I really think I like the cartoons better, personally, but it wasn't too bad. The kids enjoyed it, and I enjoyed being able to spend time with them on a Saturday afternoon and not have to worry about rushing to get ready for work.

After the movie we stopped by the exchange. Looked around for a bit and happened to find out about a sale on February 13th. I love sales! We then went into the little arcade and played for a few minutes. After that, we stopped by the picture place to make an appointment for family pictures. We're only going to have a small window in which to get them done in. We made a quick stop in the music store where I played for a few minutes. I love being able to play on a full keyboard. Brian has mentioned maybe getting me one when he gets back from Iraq. It is a digital keyboard, and though I don't like it as much as a regular piano, it would probably work better for us while we're still in the military.

We finally made it home where Karah jumped in the tub, while I cut Vincent's hair. Afterwards, I started teaching him a song to sing. Him and Karah, actually. I asked him if he wanted to sing higher or lower and he said lower so we went over the lower part of the song (at a level he could reach) and he did rather well. When he hopped in the tub, I went over the melody of the song with Karah. Once he was out, I had both of them singing, and they were doing rather well. Vincent stayed on his part ... and Karah kept trying to join him - lol. They'll get it, but I was impressed for it being their first time singing together like that. Maybe they'll learn something yet! ;-)

Brian finally called at around 2200 and we talked for a little bit. He was getting ready to go to bed after he was off the phone with me, and I was too (and will when I finish this). We are going to go to church in the morning, which is something I haven't really done since I was working nights. I miss it. I know it will help me a lot. The kids have their clothes out already and I can't wait. I love to see them dressed up! :-)

Well, time to get my beauty rest so I can wake up to the alarms in the morning. Happy New Week!

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