Monday, March 16, 2009

My Old Man

Last Thursday my dear, wonderful husband of just over 5 years turned ... 30! There, I said it. He is officially an "old man". :-) (I have to enjoy it while I can for I will soon be joining him!)
Not that either of us really consider 30 old. The balloons (which used 2 small packages of crackers as the weight) were sent to him from his parents. You'll notice in this next picture that he seems to be in bed still (at like 1pm). Since it was his birthday, he wanted to sleep in and then be able to watch tv or play video games and still be in bed. He was entitled, so we had a sleepover on the pullout bed and relaxed most of the day.
Brian on the phone with his parents as he opens his card. It says:
Hey, I know where you can get a hot, steamy shower and a nice rubdown on your birthday ...
[open card]
Car Wash! Have fun! [while it plays "Car Wash" by Norman Whitfield]
They also sent him a $25 gift card for Olive Garden

We did the rest of the cards & presents on Friday night when Brian Lee would be here to see as well. This is the back from the card I gave him which talks about The Truth of Turning 30

Here he is with the card from the kids. It says:
Dad - At last! There's a talking action figure for people your age!
[open card & hear "OOOOOOWWWW! My back! Oh! Oh man! I gotta lay down"]
Try not to think about it, and have a happy birthday!

Brian as he's opening his presents. These are actually pics of the first three he opened. If you're wondering about his facial expression, it's the fact that I double wrapped his presents. hehe
Wrapped inside these were Star Wars The Force Unleashed for DS, Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga for DS, and the NCIS Official Soundtrack. (We love NCIS!)

The kids during a brief intermission as I go to grab more presents

Inside a Pirates of the Carribbean gift bag he found a Transformers bubble bath (hey, Optimus Prime's arms move!), and a Love Monkey webkinz.
(Give ya three guesses who chose those items)

The final present! He had to close his eyes for this one while we prepared to give it to him. Upon opening his eyes he joked that it was probably a party sub. lol

Not a party sub! An Anakin Skywalker lightsaber!

He couldn't wait to get it open. He is using his engraved dogtag to open the box because he didn't want to wait for scissors or a knife. (The dogtags were another birthday present given from me along with a more personal card - I have the matching dogtag).

The happy birthday boy!

It's open!

A stand that came with it in order to display it. It is also wall mountable, so he was looking up at the wall, thinking about replacing the candle display we have there.
(Thinking was all that was done)

Yes the batteries are in and it is turned on...

Here's a better picture with the overhead lights turned off. It's pretty bright, that's for sure.

Daddy had his lightsaber so the kids got theirs in order to "fight back"

Nope, I don't think he likes it at all ... :-)

Had to include this pic - just because!

So after it's all said and done, yes I'm married to an old man, but that's okay. As long as he doesn't act old, he can be as old as he wants :)

Happy 30th Birthday Brian!!!

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