Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bullies on Base

Today as we were getting ready to eat lunch (pizza) I realized we didn't have anything to drink to go with it. Sorry, I just can't drink water with pizza. So we drove over to the c-store to get a quick drink. I was dressed for church except I was wearing comfy flip-flops instead of my cute heels. Karah was dressed for around the house fun, and Vincent was mixed (dress pants, t-shirt, and flip flops). I sent Karah in to grab us drinks while I waited out in the van with Vincent.

It's not like it's huge and it wasn't super busy at the time. After a few minutes she comes out with the bag of drinks and we head home. As we're leaving the parking lot, Karah tells me some kids talked to her on the way in. According to her, it was a couple girls and a boy. Well, one girl told Karah "pay me a quarter and you won't get hurt" . Karah told me this and I was like "what?!?" She said that another girl started talking and Karah just ignored them and went inside. *good girl!* They weren't there when she came out.

Obviously nothing happened or else I'd have more to write about, but still. Always be mindful of where you're at, even in a relatively "safe" place. I'm glad that Karah kept her cool and ignored them, though I'm sure it could have gone differently. Thank God He had His hand of protection on her. God is so good!


Felicia said...

Oh my goodness!!! Kids can be so mean... and cruel! Good for your daughter for just walking on by!

Bluestocking said...

The nonsense that goes on today! Sheesh!!