Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Yesterday we got some snow which - from what I hear - is rare around here. We had a lot of fun in it. This is the sign coming on to base early afternoon. It snowed more later that evening.

Our house and yard was covered in snow when we came home.
Karah (on the left) & Vincent made snow angels first thing
Having a little romp in the snow with daddy. Vincent attempting to throw a snowball at me
(it wasn't a little powdery)
Karah taking her turn trying to get me with a snowball
While inside warming up, the kids & Penny look across the street at the ensuing snowball fight.
Penny loved the snow and kept wanting us to throw snowballs so she could catch/fetch/eat them.
I've been hit!
(by Brian)
What else was I to do but get him back? ;-)
We ended up on the ground and somehow got all tangled up with Penny's leash.

Today the snow started melting making it stick together better so the kids took advantage of it and decided to make a snowman. Here they are getting a good base.
Lift with your knees, not your back.
(Actually, I had to help them lift this one because they couldn't get it up themselves)
Here's the head
Vincent adding a personal touch - he couldn't have a bald snowman :-) Karah adding her personal touch - didn't want it to have cold hands :D
Voila! Snowman complete!

And in case you're wondering, we used a baby carrot for the nose, and some Rubik's cube pieces for the eyes and buttons.


MrsBlick said...

Love the pics!! Karah is a spitting image of you, and when Brian was hitting you with the snowball, you looked a spitting image of Mom! Forgive me for saying that if it offends you:D

Heather said...

I LOVE the pics Rebekah :) Looks like you all had a wonderful time!!

Hadias said...

Hey Rebekah EB is an abbreviation for Extra Bucks from CVS. Do you have a CVS where you live?

Hadias said...

Hey Rebekah,

I responded to your comment in a post. Use the link below or visit my blog