Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Going Places

And where exactly am I going? Well, on Saturday morning I walked with Karah while she let others know that it's cookie time again!

She did very well considering only 15 people ordered anything. Her goal this year is to sell more than 1,000 boxes. (She's aiming for the Ipod shuffle) I know she would be happy with getting over 500 though. The past 2 years she has come within 30 of making the 500 mark. Cookie time is a fun time for the girls but it teaches them as well. They have goals individually, but also as a troop. They voted on going to Myrtle Beach, SC and after the math was done (they had to account for transportation, food, lodging, event expenses, etc) they learned they need to sell about 4,000 boxes as a troop. It will be nice for them to reach their goals and have that sense of achievement and to see their work pay off. Me - well, I love girl scout cookies but by the time cookie season is over I know I'll be happy to be done with it. (I'm usually the one with Karah standing the cookie booths 2 hrs at a time).

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