Monday, August 11, 2008

A little update

Just a quick update on how things are going on around here. After my sister left I was a bit down again, but I was able to keep busy which helped. Last week we had VBS at our church, and I was in charge of crafts for our class. It was a fun time and also a blessing seeing the visitors join the others and really get involved in memorizing verses and answering questions.

Later this morning, I will begin the journey to get the kids. After looking into prices for planes, trains, bus, and gas (driving), Greyhound was the winner. With military discounts, the total came to $417.60. Had I driven, it would have been about $800-$900 for gas alone. This way I don't have to drive and I save money, but the downfall is it's a 2 day trip there and a 2 day trip back. But I am just happy to be getting the kids back. It's been way too quiet and lonely around here.

So I am off to get a nap before this long trip. When I return, I'm sure I'll be worn out but extremely happy!

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