Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Past 2 1/2 weeks

have just flown by! My memory stick extender is still MIA and I have no clue where the original box is that probably still contains the cord we've never used. *sigh* So eventually, I will have pictures to put on here.

To continue from the last post, the weekend of camping with a bunch of girl scouts went really well. The ticks were out in full force, and thank the Lord they didn't like me! Or maybe they just didn't like the bug spray/repellent I was wearing. Either way, I am quite thankful. Karah escaped the weekend with only having 3 on her. When all the girls in my troop had been picked up, we went and picked up Vincent from my friend's place, and then went home where I did a full body check for ticks on Karah. That's when I found the 3rd one in her hair. She took her shower while I checked myself for ticks, then had Vincent look in my hair since I obviously couldn't. After her shower, I took her to a birthday party for one of her fellow girl scouts. Vincent & I came home and I got to take my shower. Oh, it feels so good to take a shower after 2 1/2 days without one! After I got dressed, we picked up Karah from that birthday party just to take her to another girl scout's birthday party. This time when we went home it was Vincent's turn for the shower. Another trip to pick up Karah, and when we got home we all got ready for church.

On Monday (May 7th) Vincent had boy scouts. They did their things, and afterwards Vincent ran around in the rain - and lost his slide. The second one. So we had to buy him a new one.

Tuesday (May 8th) I was doing some things around the house. Due to the change in weather, some rather undesireable insects kept getting into our home, plus we had a sudden outbreak of fleas (we don't have a pet anymore so they were getting us!), so I bug-bombed the house. I stopped by the school to drop off some paperwork, and I see Vincent in the nurse's office. She was just trying to call me, so I checked him out early (I was going to anyways, this just made it excuseable). He had a temperature of 101 degrees. They had gone to the farm for a field trip earlier to pick strawberries. I obviously couldn't take him home, so we went and picked up Karah and then went to the px and then out in town, looking at/for webkinz stuff. The kids really like their webkinz. Then we came back and I did my girl scouts, went home to open the windows so the house could air out, then went and had Subway for dinner. Once we got home, Karah helped me strip and remake the beds, I gave Vincent some medicine and got him in bed. The next day he still had a fever in the morning, and in the afternoon he started losing his water, so needless to say, we didn't go to church that night. I kept him home from school on Thursday just to make sure the virus/sickness was gone and then he went back on Friday.

Friday evening we spent 5 hours at a carnival here on base. Admission and rides were free, which was great (because you know they usually have just outrageous prices). I have lots of pictures that are still stuck on the memory card. They went on the Magic Carpet Ride (a HUGE slide that they slid down on burlap sacks - oh, and they pur armor all the slide to make it easier to go down), the DragonWagon (kiddie roller coaster), swings (all 3 of us), the zipper (me & Karah - she screamed my ear off, but had fun), the Super Shot (you go way high up in the sky, and then it drops you - they liked it). They also went on the Sizzler, Ferris Wheel, and a several others whose names are alluding me right now. We had a good time that evening and finally made our way back home. The next day, there was a swap meet in the building next to the carnival. We went to it, then decided to stay and do some more rides before it got too crowded. They also had an area with bouncys set up by the USA and sponsored by Disney. It was pretty cool b/c we wre able to get a free Disney movie that we didn't yet have. They also had practically every bouncy imaginable. They first went on a couple of the reguar ones, then they headed for the water inflatables. The one they liked the best was the one that the slide ended into a pool. They went down a few times before it was time to go.

My girl scouts were meeting to play laser tag and go roller skating with some of their money from cookies sailes. Since the laser tag din't start for a couple hourse we just rollerskated. It was fun and by the end Vincent was starting to get the hang of it. This past weekend we took it easy and just stayed home.

On Monday, it was time for boy scouts again, and ths time thye got to do learn how to play tennis and ultimate frisbee. Thursday, Karah's troop is meeting at the roller skating rink. She'll have a fun time, I know.

So there's a bit of a rundown over our past couple of weeks. Soon I hope to have pictures up her.

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