Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm glad I know that I'm saved!!!

Praise the Lord!

Tonight at church, I had the privlege of leading Vincent to the Lord. He had me go with him down to the altar and I asked him what he wanted to pray for. He said he wanted to get saved. I asked him if he knew what it meant and if he realized he was a sinner. He said yes, so I said a little prayer first, then led him through the sinner's prayer. Everyone was very happy, especially Vincent. On the way home, he was singing along with the cd that was playing and one of the songs went "I'm saved, I'm saved, I'm saved" sung in different parts (each part being held out) but Vincent sang them all. What a blessing to know that he now has Jesus living in his heart, and will one day live forever in Glory! What a Great Saviour we have!

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