Friday, December 21, 2007


So many feelings that come from one little word. I used to work full time and then stopped. I really missed my paycheck! Then this past summer, I started working part-time in the evenings. The purpose? To have some "play money" that could be used for fun stuff (like Chuck-E-Cheese or the recent HSM on Ice event). Well, it looks like I may not be having that job too much longer. Not because of getting fired, but because I won't be able to work the hours they want me to much longer. Starting in mid-January Brian will be here and there and everywhere, but in no particular pattern. He's got a field op in Jan for a week, Cajun Viper in February, then leaves for about 7 months in March. When he's gone, I won't be able to work my usual evenings because there won't be anyone here to watch the kids, and who wants to watch children until 12 - 1 in the morning? I really like where I'm working and I've made some new friends as well. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get a job that I could work during the day (mostly during school hours to save on childcare), and on base would be a plus. I did get a call back about one job, but I am not sure how that is going. It is an instructor position, and I've got plenty of instructor experience, however, I don't know the subject they want me to teach. It would pay rather well (about $50 - $60K / yr) but I'm wondering if it would be worth it. I'm starting to doubt myself. I could always stay home, but since the kids are all in school I find myself rather bored a lot. I need to have something to do to keep myself occupied, otherwise I'll just become a couch potato. (computer potato?) Well, something to think and pray about.

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Pamela said...

Hey thanks for signing our guest book! Wow, it has been a while! So good to find out you have a blog, I will have to catch up on your life!
God Bless, Pam