Friday, August 10, 2007

Random musings

Well, it is Friday and I have another day off of work. It is rather nice, actually. Tonight we plan on going to see Transformers again and taking Brian Lee with us as he is the only one not to see it yet in our family. However, in order for him to see it, he has to really behave himself today as he got himself grounded last night. He's trying hard to be good because he really wants to see it.

The car wouldn't start today so Brian took the truck to work. It kinda sucks, actually, since I was planning on going places today. I probably still could, but I want to know I'll be able to make it home. We think that it's the starter going out on the car, as the battery is holding a charge just fine. Much as the car has been a help, it is time to "retire" it and get a new(er) vehicle. I want to get a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT fully loaded with a black exterior and preferrably dark/black interior as well. Brian wants a number of vehicles, among his favorties are Pontiac Trans Am, Dodge Charger, Chevorlet Camero (2009), and Pontiac Trans Am Firehawk.

It's hard to believe summer is almost over and school will be starting in two weeks. It seems like school just let out, and here I am buying school supplies all over again. I think I need to get a plastic tub, and just keep school stuff in it. Stock up when the prices are cheap, so then I won't have to go and buy stuff every time they need it. So far I've gotten most everything for them, with the exception of folders, as I'm going to wait and let them pick them out for themselves. We bought the kids' backpacks last weekend: Vincent the Bumblebee Transformers, Brian Lee the Optimus Prime Transformers, and Karah a pretty beige one w/an embroidered butterfly on it. When she comes back, I'm going to take her to get some paints and accessories so she can decorate it, as that's what she wanted to do this year.

I have found myself with plenty of things to do this year, as I'm an executive board member of the PTA, a co-leader for Junior Girl Scouts, working, and I'm putting in for an instructor position here on base. I think I would really like to get a blackberry, if for no other reason for the fact that it would have Microsoft Office on it, and I use the calendar in Outlook on my computer all the time, and this way it would be much easier for me to keep track of things, especially since it looks like I'll have a full calendar this year.

I started on a family newsletter for me and my cousins, but I wonder how far it will go? I did complete it, but haven't had a chance to get it printed out and mailed. I'd love to keep it going although it would require the input of the other family members as well in order to keep everyone updated. Maybe I'll just stick with a personal family newsletter and then I can send it to all the family ... hmmm. Although I must say, that I think my articel for the Cousin Connection was a pretty good one, especially for someone who doesn't like to write. :-) I think I'll start on that personal family one now.

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