Monday, July 14, 2008

The half-way point

Well, it is now half-way through the deployment, based on 210 days. Of course that could change a bit, but not by much. It's hard to believe he's been gone for 3 1/2 months already!

Things were going by pretty fast when the kids were here, but they've been gone for 3 weeks now. It's been awfully quiet and boring around here so I got myself a puppy :-) The kids and I went to visit her before they left (needed to make sure she'd be good with the kids) and we liked her, so I picked her up the Friday after the kids left. Her name is Penny, she's about 6 months old, was already house broken, came with food, bed & a kennel, and - she was free! (Pictures down below!) I found her on Lejeune Yard Sales, which I have become a little almost addicted to. Luckily for my bank account, I just mostly look!

Also, today, after some talking and debating with Brian (which, as he's deployed, has taken longer than I anticipated), we have finally come to a decision to home school the children this year. This is such an answer to prayer for me, as it's something I have thought about since I got out of the Marine Corps, but have felt especially drawn to do within the past year. We will be using the ACE cirriculum - I thought it best to break Brian in gently :-)

So far this summer, since the kids have been gone, I have found myself not doing as much as I had planned on. It's a little hard to get myself motivated with no one around to see. (I usually do better under pressure, anyways). Over the next couple of weeks I plan on really delving into the garage. The goal is to have a massive garage sale to get rid of stuff so I can actually use the garage to park the truck in. What a concept! :-)

Also, my sister will be here from July 23-30, and that will be fun. It's been a couple of years since I've seen her, and she gets to visit a new place, too. We are both looking forward to the visit!

Just a few pics to share ....

Here are the kids at Books-A-Million, where we had gone for Vincent's birthday(June 21). We also later that day went to a Toys R Us grand opening, and walmart, where the boys got to spend their birthday money. This is the last day they were all together. Left to right, oldest to youngest, Karah - 9, Brian Lee - 8, and Vincent - 7. They grow up way too quick!

Here are Karah & Vincent having some fun when we were at the airport in Raleigh. We had gotten there in plenty of time, and then a plane blew a tire when it was landing, causing the airport to shut down for a bit. Originally we were to have an almost 2 hr layover in San Antonio, but because of the delays our would be plane took off just minutes after we landed. Thankfully, we were able to make the next flight a couple of hours later.

Karah & Vincent playing "I spy" at the airport

Here's Penny! She's a shepherd/lab mix and very loveable!

I just love this picture of her!

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Robin said...

Great pictures. Isn't it funny how we tend to think we can get so much done when every one is gone. Some how it just doesn't work that way. :) Enjoy your sister's visit.
The kids have grown so much!